CPS delivers high quality signage for BP Australia & Lowes Petroleum

Corporate Project Services (CPS) has been working with BP Australia & Lowes Petroleum, a joint venture between the two companies, to deliver signage projects for their network of service stations across regional Australia. BP Australia & Lowes Petroleum is an iconic brand that keeps regional Australia pumpin’ with reliable fuel supply and customer service.

CPS has designed and installed illuminated and non-illuminated signage for BP Australia & Lowes Petroleum, including pylon signs, logo signage to façade, and other branding elements. CPS has also ensured that the signage complies with the BP global standards and specifications, as well as the local regulations and requirements.

CPS has established a long-term relationship with BP Australia & Lowes Petroleum, demonstrating its expertise and capability as a national account partner. CPS has helped BP Australia & Lowes Petroleum to enhance its brand visibility and recognition in the market, as well as to create a consistent and professional image for its customers.